About Me

Me and The Pen
I am qualified to communicate. Academically, that amounts to an MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications and several courses in Journalism, Mass Communications and Advertising Management. Professionally, that translates to over 15 years' field experience in Marketing, Corporate Communications and Media; across various industries.

My first freelance stint was with writing - a venture that well predates my "day job" experience. Writing has been paying bills since high school. I have written a fair bit for corporate literature, newspapers, magazines, websites, and even blogs. Most of it had been ghostwriting, though. 

Friends had seen pictures I had taken during my course, and requested me to shoot some of their private events. Before I knew it, my career as a scribe took on a new dimension, as I ventured into the world of professional photography.

A few years ago, while heading Business Development for a production house, I was thrown into the deep end, being asked to direct an event shoot! To avoid the agony and stress of not knowing which way to turn in future, I took a course in video production. Soon, I was producing my own corporate videos!